Lifestyle Tech Competence Center

Pazzallo, Ticino | Switzerland

dagora concept pazzallo
dagora concept pazzallo

Value in innovation

The Dagora Lifestyle Tech Competence Center aims to create long-lasting value by supporting and facilitating the nexus between public and private enterprise, especially in the area of Research & Development. Our modern spaces, strong ties with the local university networks as well as our connections with investment funds help ensure that the competence center is a one-stop shop for all brands looking to develop innovative projects.

Spaces for innovation

The Dagorà Lifestyle Tech Competence Center in Pazzallo is a 3-floor structure, hosting private offices, hot-desking spaces, training facilities, an events and conference arena as well as an Innovation Lab and restaurant/dining zone.

It is ideal both for local companies seeking an open environment for their new projects as well as international firms seeking to find a high-level mix of partners, researchers, developers and investors who can help get innovative projects to market faster.

dagora pazzallo ground plan

Life + Style

The lifestyle, and particularly the FashionTech, sectors are of particular importance to Dagorà. We have been working for years to promote and support the ecosystem that naturally exists in Ticino between big brands and labels, innovative start-ups, the academic sector and investors and institutions. By creating a space that can attract all of these stakeholders there is limitless potential to maximize the impact of this sector in terms of economic development and job creation across the territory and beyond.

Relaxation meets innovation

We have designed our spaces to be informal, “human focused” and open. We believe that through open engagement, even just over a cup of coffee as well as through more structured means, there are more chances to grow and better chances to succeed.

Young IT brands can express new approaches to old problems, larger enterprises can offer the rigor and structure that is so important to scaled growth and people from different sectors entirely (such as investors or academics) can bring vital ideas to life just by being in the right place at the right time. The Dagorà Lifestyle Tech Competence Center is the right place; the right time is now.


Ready for The Future

The Dagorà Lifestyle Tech Competence Center is focused on the Fashion/Lifestyle-Tech eco-system and is home to brands, scale-ups, tech corporations as well as the Netcomm Suisse permanent Fashion Observatory, which works to provide meaningful and actionable data to the Fashion/Lifestyle-Tech sector.

Want to apply to access this disrupting environment?

Our innovation community is governed by a selection procedure to ensure members are aligned with our goals and are both good citizens and a good fit. We welcome applications from companies that share this perspective.

Contact us today and we’ll get in touch ASAP.