An Unexpected and Fascinating Journey into the World of Fashion, Sport, and Tourism.

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An Unexpected and Fascinating Journey into the World of Fashion, Sport, and Tourism.

Today, we want to explore the book “Fashion Sport Tourism” written by Alessandro Tosi and Lorenzo Cantoni of USI (Università della Svizzera Italiana), a highly active member of our Dagorà community in Lugano. This book provides an extraordinary overview of the connections between fashion, sport, and tourism from the twentieth century to the present day, presenting a unique perspective that aligns with current trends in marketing and business strategies.

With its focus on iconic figures such as Chanel, Schiapparelli, Pucci, and Bally, it presents stories and images that document the surprising synergies between these sectors and pillars of modernity. However, the focus of the book goes beyond high fashion, examining sports such as tennis, polo, horseback riding, and even scuba diving, outlining communities of enthusiasts with a distinctive lifestyle. This book explores how the divides that unite these communities also influence tourism and ideal destinations for their interests. From “athleisure” and meaningful physical activity tourism to “destination wear”, it thoroughly explores how clothing, sports, and destinations have intertwined in surprising ways for over a century. However, the true surprise of this book is the illustrative part depicting the connections between fashion, sport, and tourism over the past 100 years, even at the level of graphic advertising with an intriguing look at sports shows and the theatrical creations of Manzotti, which animated the Scala in Milan at the end of the nineteenth century. The book also examines the role of fashion in the 1924 Paris Olympics and how this city has remained a reference destination for fashion, sport, and tourism. A century later, the Olympics return to Paris, reaffirming the indelible bond between fashion, tourism, and sports.

In a historical moment where the marketing strategies of major brands focus on influencing market niches represented by communities of sports enthusiasts, to provide an experience rather than just a leisure moment, this book offers a valuable perspective on how to embrace these opportunities and adapt business strategies to meet the needs of these growing communities. If you are interested in reading the book, you can find it on Amazon, or purchase it on ETS.

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