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Understanding Digital Behaviors in Switzerland's Beauty & Personal Care Industry

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Beauty & Personal Care Industry

Understanding Digital Behaviors in Switzerland

Explore Switzerland’s Beauty & Personal Care industry in the digital era. With diverse online purchasing behaviors, understanding age and gender preferences is key. Embrace emerging trends and adapt to the evolving digital landscape for growth and innovation.                                                                    

Digital commerce continues to evolve shaping consumer behaviors and preferences worldwide. A recent study in Switzerland sheds light on the nuances of online shopping within the Beauty & Personal Care sector. The document titled “Consumer Research on Digital Behaviors in Switzerland – 2024,” conducted by Dagorà and the Lifestyle Tech Competence Center, offers valuable insights into Switzerland’s online retail sector and its implications for the cosmetics industry.

One of the notable findings of the research is the prevailing preference among older demographics in Switzerland for traditional brick-and-mortar stores when it comes to purchasing hair and skin care products [3]. Despite the global surge in online shopping, millennials have emerged as the primary drivers of e-commerce in the Beauty & Personal Care sector. At the same time, baby boomers exhibit a preference for offline purchases. Switzerland boasts an impressive internet penetration rate of 99%, coupled with an e-commerce adoption rate surpassing the EU average at 83% [10]. However, the report highlights a slight downturn in online purchasing frequency and annual spending within the cosmetics sector in 2024. This trend underscores the importance of understanding evolving consumer behaviors and catering to diverse preferences across age groups and genders.

The study underscores the significance of social media commerce, artificial intelligence, and sustainability in influencing Swiss online shopping habits. Leveraging these factors presents lucrative opportunities for growth within the online Beauty & Personal Care industry in Switzerland. By aligning offerings with the preferences of different demographics and embracing emerging trends, businesses can capitalize on the evolving digital landscape. Swiss consumers exhibit a diversified approach to e-commerce platforms, with a notable preference for generalist platforms hosting the majority of their purchases [11]. Furthermore, there is a rising trend in the utilization of retailer websites, signaling a shift towards more specialized platforms catering to specific consumer needs.

In terms of payment, Switzerland presents a unique blend of traditional and modern methods. While credit cards remain the primary payment method, alternative services like Twint and PayPal have gained significant traction, reflecting the country’s adaptability to digital payment solutions [12].

The “Consumer Research on Digital Behaviors in Switzerland – 2024” emphasizes the importance of understanding digital consumer behavior, e-commerce trends, and payment trends. By embracing these insights, stakeholders can unlock new avenues for growth and innovation within the online Beauty & Personal Care sector in Switzerland. Read the full trends and data here:

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