Catalyzing Change: the Innovation Booster Programme's journey.

Co-Creating Radical Solutions for a Dynamic World.

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Catalyzing Change: the Innovation Booster Programme’s journey.

Responding to the urgent need for accelerated innovation amid global challenges like globalization, digitalization, and the climate crisis, the Innovation Booster Programme emerges as a collaborative problem-solving beacon. Operating at the intersection of business, research, politics, and end-users, it aims to foster radical ideas through co-creation and open innovation. In a rapidly changing world, this project actively seeks collaborative solutions, outlined in a mission to cultivate open responses to global challenges. Focusing on business, research, politics, and end-users, the program encourages the development of radical ideas through co-creation.

Across diverse areas such as environment, digitalization, health, and social innovation, individuals and organizations are invited to participate actively. This engagement allows stakeholders to contribute to the co-creation of radical innovations. Periodically opening calls for proposals, typically every two years, the program launches new thematic initiatives designed to facilitate radical innovation in Switzerland. Although there is no current call for proposals, this dynamic aspect provides opportunities for leaders to spearhead Innovation Boosters.

Within specific themes like environment, digitalization, health, and social innovation, participants engage in collaborative co-creation during two distinct phases: the Challenge stage and the Idea stage. Multidisciplinary teams use agile and user-centric methods to deeply analyze problems, generate radical solutions, and receive grants of up to CHF 25,000 for testing during the subsequent Idea stage. This involves testing the viability, desirability, and feasibility of chosen solutions in an iterative and user-centric manner.

Projects extending beyond Innovation Boosters receive continued support from Innosuisse, ensuring the sustainability and success of radical innovations. Various avenues for further support are available, emphasizing the long-term impact and sustainability of radical solutions developed through the program.

In conclusion, the Innovation Booster Programme emerges as a dynamic force in global problem-solving, responding to the urgency of a rapidly changing world. As participants actively engage in co-creating radical solutions, they contribute to a narrative of resilience and innovation. The program’s adaptability, showcased through its periodic calls for proposals, offers leaders opportunities to spearhead transformative initiatives. Within specific themes, the Innovation Boosters orchestrate a symphony of ideas, navigating a two-phase process that systematically analyzes problems, generates radical solutions, and iteratively tests their viability. Beyond its immediate scope, the commitment to supporting projects by Innosuisse ensures the longevity and integration of promising innovations into society. In essence, the Innovation Booster Programme transcends mere problem-solving; it becomes a testament to the transformative power of collaborative, open innovation.

As stakeholders continue to engage, the program paves the way for a more interconnected, adaptive, and sustainable future, where radical solutions materialize into tangible change within a concise and evolving narrative.

Let us join forces and embrace this opportunity to be architects of change in the world of fashion and lifestyle. Together, we can unlock innovation and shape a future where possibilities are limitless. Keep you updated, just follow the Innovation Booster Project!

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