Innovation Showcase: Revolutionizing E-commerce with Unguess and Canali

Unguess and Canali innovation case study.

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Innovation Showcase: Revolutionizing E-commerce with Unguess and Canali

Welcome to the Dagorà Innovation Showcase! We are excited to share with you an exceptional case study that sheds light on how innovation can transform the e-commerce landscape. In collaboration with Unguess, a leader in the field of e-commerce development and analysis, the renowned fashion brand Canali achieved remarkable results. Known for its elegant fashion, Canali encountered efficiency concerns within its international e-commerce. In Unguess’s unique crowd testing approach, the project examined bugs, user experience for different customer types, accessibility, and, notably, areas of cybersecurity. One particular issue was a concerning 68% cart abandonment rate on Black Friday. Unguess was called upon to address these challenges.

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Innovative Approach and Solutions

Unguess responded to this challenge by adopting an innovative approach based on its proprietary crowd-testing platform. Crowd testing is a methodology and process that utilizes a targeted group of individuals to test the client’s software and user experience. In general, Unguess primarily tests product quality (identifying bugs or issues), user experience, and cybersecurity. There has been a significant increase in demand for ethical hacking tests in the field of cybersecurity. They created a unified testing platform that involved testers from around the world. These testers actively participated through gamification, from product selection to payment, including control over return policies. These were not random testers; they were selected based on specific targets and were part of the Tester University, where the company is at the forefront of training. Additionally, Unguess established agreements with disability associations to ensure an inclusive testing approach. This approach allowed simultaneous testing of security, quality, and user experience, providing comprehensive solutions to Canali’s e-commerce.

Efficient Coordination

Managing a project on this scale requires close coordination among various functions. Unguess formed a team comprising of a technical vertical manager and a customer success manager who acted as the single point of contact for the client ensuring connections between various project aspects. Additionally, they involved an army of 35 highly specialized testers, each capable of handling dozens of tests daily, ensuring the achievement of established objectives.

Measurable Results

The measurable result achieved for Canali was astounding. Thanks to Unguess’s approach, the conversion rate increased by 9%, compared to Canali’s previous results. This demonstrates how optimizing the user experience has a direct impact on e-commerce performance.

Listening to the Customer and Target Market

Unguess demonstrated its ability to listen attentively to the customer’s needs. They collaborated with Canali in a series of meetings to discuss customer expectations and identify key challenges. This process led to the creation of a shared roadmap that guided the project step by step. Furthermore, Unguess engaged industry experts, selecting team members from various market references spanning from fashion to banking and fintech, luxury, e-commerce in general, tourism, and more. This highlights the versatility of their crowd testing analysis innovation.

Risk Management and Market Differentiation

Unguess managed risks meticulously. They balanced tester quality with specific client requirements and maintained constant communication with the client throughout the project. Their uniqueness lies in offering a comprehensive platform that ensures quality without bugs, excellent user experience, and security. Customer reviews testify to the positive results, classifying Unguess as the “best support” on international platforms like G2.

In conclusion, Unguess has demonstrated how innovation can revolutionize e-commerce, leading to measurable results and tangible benefits for clients. Innovation is the key to success in the ever-evolving world of online commerce, and Unguess has proven to be a true pioneer in this field.

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