Food & Tech

Community Day - 28 March 2023

28 March 2023
17.30pm - 19.30pm


Dagorà Roadmap & Members presentation by Bianca Bonetti & Daniele Panato

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FoodRetail, Martech and CRM: The experience of Selex Group by Massimo Baggi, Marketing Director @ Selex Group

Massimo will tell us more about Selex Group ( including 18+ companies) and their focus on the market. Furthermore he will dive into the challenges and opportunities of the market today. to conclude a snapshot on how the group operates its omnichannel and e-commerce strategy.


Food & Tech Innovation by Andrea Lentini, Senior Innovation Manager @ LTCC/SIP

Andrea will give an overview about the Competence Center activities and its specific project “the Food Tech Award” – a Startup competition financed by Barilla and Lavazza.

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Web 3.0 by Luca Ambrosini, CEO & Co-Founder @ Rubicon

Luca will tell us the story of Rubicon, a cutting-edge technology firm specializing in blockchain and NFT solutions.
Furthermore he will give insights on how brands are engaging into the metaverse, brining inspirational examples from the food industry.

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