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Dagorà Lifestyle Tech Competence Center

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Innovation inside

Dagorà is on a mission to create co-working hubs that put people at the center. Spaces that support idea contamination between companies, brands, universities, institutions and startups, united under an innovative, digitally-oriented philosophy.

Lifestyle brands

Fashion and lifestyle brands looking to add strength and vision to their research and development teams, driving the newest digital shopping experiences.

Innovative start-ups

Maturing start-ups looking for a dynamic environment to develop and scale their businesses, bringing new tech such as AI, augmented reality, 3D-printing and more to the world.


Technology corporations

Whose cross-vertical experience and vision finds a perfect home in a dynamic and international environment of innovative businesses.

Investment firms

The inclusion of holding companies, private equity outfits and venture capital firms in the Dagorà ecosystem brings power to projects and drives innovation at each step. 

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Diverse space solutions

Choose a private office, hotdesk, smartdesk or permanent: whichever best fits your way of working

All under control

With our app, you’ll be able to monitor costs, control access and earn credits to spend in-hub through our community portal

A community surrounding

Find trainings, events, business opportunities or simply a coffee and a chat inside our friendly, open community

Our offer

Community membership Virtual office Flying desk Permanent desk Private office
Hot-desking Real-time booking X X
Dedicated desk X X
Private office from 4 - 12 people X
Access to Innovation Lab 12 x monthly 10 hrs 8 days x month Full Full
Access hours 9am - 7pm 9am - 7pm Mon-Fri 9am - 7pm 24/7 24/7
Meeting room hours included 4h per month 7h per month 10h per month
Telephone line + secretarial service X X X
Official postal address X X X
Fast internet service X X X X X
Access to communal areas X X X X



Increased productivity
Talent recruiting/retention
Saving on energy costs
Smarter physical spaces


Better life balance
Engagement + motivation
Greater Flexibility
Increased happiness


Fewer CO2 emissions
Less pollution
Less energy waste
More awareness


Positive impact on urban mobility
A step closer to the smart city
High-level networking
Societal evolution

Want to apply to access this disrupting environment?

Our innovation community is governed by a selection procedure to ensure members are aligned with our goals and are both good citizens and a good fit. We welcome applications from companies that share this perspective.

Contact us today and we’ll get in touch ASAP.